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TLV -- Threadtracker


Stiles arrives on the Barge.
Stiles wonders if Scott's okay with him being there.
Stiles plays Choose Your Own Adventure with Chris.
Scott decides to go home for awhile.
Stiles talks to Dean.
Stiles warns that Scott might come back a bit different than he was before.
Stiles talks to Iris.
Stiles talks to Scorpius about people falling into comas at random.
Stiles talks to Cassel about Cassel's inmate's unexpected departure and...how they each met Scott.
Scott returns to the barge.

Swallow You Whole Flood:

Stiles talks to Red Hood/Jack.
Stiles talks to John Crichton.
Stiles talks to Kara Zor-El.
Stiles talks to Aeryn and agrees to help her try and collect dolls.
Lydia arrives.
Stiles and Morgana work together to help save newly arrived Bucky Barnes.
Stiles finds Abigail's flood voodoo doll and goes to see Lydia.

/End Flood

Stiles talks to Dean about the last flood.
Stiles talks to Bucky, who's semi-recovered now.
Stiles is disturbed by Mal's concern with lost time.
Stiles talks to Elena Gilbert for the first time.
Stiles meets Daneca on video.
Stiles talks to Wynter about the upcoming trouble.
Archer doesn't think the Mirror Barge could be that bad.
Lydia screams.


Stiles talks to Gwen Stacey, who's just arrived.
Stiles agrees to help keep an eye on Gwen for Peter if things go south.

Desperate to Deliver Flood:

Stiles runs into mirror!Lydia.
Stiles wonders if Dean is also affected.
Stiles isn't happy when affected Scott shows up at his door.
Stiles runs into Peter Parker.
Stiles finds a hiding Helena.
And that awkward, terrible moment when he gets to watch helplessly as Scott kills Lydia.

/End Flood

Stiles tries to assure Bucky that he's not to blame for his mirror Barge self.
Stiles sasses the Admiral and gets a lollipop for his efforts.
Stiles and Scott are there when Lydia awakens from death.
Stiles greets a healing Peter Parker.
Stiles is confused by Mason's comment about taking souls.
Stiles goes to meet with Dean before the latter heads home.
Stiles and Jack bond in the infirmary while Lydia is recovering.
Stiles meets TJ on video.
Talks with the Pack about Mirror!Barge.
Stiles talks to Lydia after she leaves the infirmary.
Stiles runs into Morgana on the deck while the two struggle with insomnia.

The Grand Oxymoronic Flood:

Stiles is caught off guard when Needy suddenly shows up in his room out of the blue.
Stiles explains bobblehead dolls to Arya Stark.
Stiles meets Vergil, who's new to the ship.
Stiles is all wet and covered in bubbles. It doesn't amuse him.

/End Flood


Stiles meets Witchita, a new warden, and they discuss their likelihood of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Stiles is concerned when a new inmate shows up slightly bloody.
Stiles and Scott try to recruit for lacrosse.
Stiles is excited to see Captain America on the Barge.
Stiles and Lydia try to deal with a bit of the nogitsune-related trauma.
Stiles agrees to do a favor for Bucky. And helps him compile a list of pop culture things he needs.

Wired in a Why Flood

Bucky-Stiles talks to Stiles-Bucky about the weirdness.
Bucky-Stiles wonders how one can be KIND OF a werewolf.

/End Flood

Stiles talks to Bucky, Scott, Mason and Lydia.
Stiles talks to Needy about the fallout from the last flood.
Stiles talks to Babs about the last flood.
Stiles is shocked to see Dean back on the Barge.
Stiles talks to Bruce Banner about his stolen stuff.
Stiles questions what Scorpius's Aurora Chair does.
Stiles asks Crichton about the Aurora Chair and the two of them plan sabotage.
Lydia asks for help from her friends with an entertainment planning committee.
Stiles is excited when Peter mentions wanting to watch Star Wars.
Stiles and Crichton attempt to destroy the Aurora Chair.
Stiles and Chris and Captain discuss mountain climbing possibilities in the upcoming port.

In the Gathering Gloom Port

Stiles is in brief contact with Bucky.
Stiles wakes up in a cave with Jack and Debra, and tries to use the comm to make sure his friends are okay.
Stiles tries to talk Scott out of an asthma attack via video feed.

/End Port

Stiles is shocked to run into the one person he never thought he'd see on the Barge...Allison Argent.
Special request to the Admiral.
Stiles and Jack talk about the Port.
Stiles responds to Bucky's post-Port message.
Stiles talks to Lydia, and then Scott and Lydia, about Allison being on the Barge.


Stiles finds out that Needy is in a coma.
Stiles talks to Allison, who's requesting a pack party.
Stiles and Scott respond to an unusual request from Bucky.
Stiles talks to Dean about how the last port was not the worst it can get.
Bucky's birthday party!
Stiles talks to Elsa about how people with powers are treated in Beacon Hills.
Pack party!

Turn It Up, Let 'Em Scrutinize Flood.

Stiles is shocked to see that Allison is now Alan.
And that Bucky is now Becky.
And that Scott is now Scout.
Stiles and Alan hang out and have bro time.

/End Flood

Allison is back to normal.
Stiles congratulates Zane on his rabbit's pregnancy.
Stiles talks to Mason about nightmares and headaches.
Stiles talks to Scott about lacrosse, Daneca, and other stuff.
Stiles has a nightmare and goes to see Lydia, then runs into a bunch of people in the CES.
Stiles video-meets new warden Mickey.

Last Laugh Event

Stiles fills Jack in on the chaos on the seventh floor of the Barge.
He learns about piranhas from Stephen Hart.
Stiles runs into Mason on the sixth floor.
Stiles hallucinates about the nogitsune in the hall of mirrors and ends up stabbing himself.
He breaks out of the infirmary and goes to find Lydia. What he finds is trouble instead.
Stiles reacts to Bucky's announcement that Zane is dead.

/End Event

Stiles and the others keep a vigil by Allison's bedside.
Stiles and Daneca talk.
Stiles takes a detour to the CES and runs into Stephen.
Stiles talks to Helena in the infirmary.
Stiles talks to Mason about guilt.
Stiles finds Scott in the CES.
Pack video conversation started by Allison.
Stiles learns that Crichton is going home.
Stiles talks to Needy.
Stiles and Lydia talk in the CES.


Stiles asks questions about what Dillon's done to Hannibal.
Stiles talks to Dean when Dean asks questions about what happens when wardens screw up.
Stiles offers to help Anya repair walls on the ship.
Stiles agrees with Riddick's assessment of the Barge.
Stiles and Megamind have a discussion, of sorts.
Stiles talks to Scott and Lydia about telling Allison the truth, talks to Stephen about training him with a gun, and other wardens about the possibilities of changing one's deal.
Stiles is sarcastic about Roderick's choice of an appropriate distraction.
Stiles discusses the concept of "home" with Clementine.
Stiles isn't surprised when Isaac arrives.
Stiles has breakfast with Bucky.

Port: Wicked Wickets.

Stiles talks to the pack about the last port.

/End Event

Stiles talks to Dean about being his warden, and asks Babs for a favor.

Event: Fourth Wall Day.

Stiles talks to Lydia about movie night, and also their inmates.
He tells Allison he loves her.
He tries to explain "Fourth Wall Day" to Mason.
He offers back up to Allison.
And talks to allll the people on Fourth Wall Day.
He's relieved that regular Bucky is still on the ship.

/End Event

Stiles hopes Allison has backup on her way to meet a new inmate.
Stiles talks to Stephen about the latter's death.
Stiles talks to Needy about the Fourth Wall event.

Flood: Conspiracy Theories & Interior Design

Stiles congratulates Arya on graduation.
Stiles and Anya talk about Dean.
Erica arrives.
He builds a pillow fort with others, brings Dean food, checks on Mason and asks Scott if he's REALLY sure they can't just kill Jerry.

/End Flood

Stiles meets new arrival Nick Cutter.
Stiles comes up with a unique form of torture for vampire Jerry.
Stiles introduces himself (again) to Wichita.
Stiles assures Allison and Bucky he's going to attend Bucky's training camp.


Stiles gets a threat from Jerry.
Stiles suggests some kind of tracking device for the troublesome vampire.
Stiles tries to explain why people are acting like kids sometimes to Touko.
Video chatting with Wally West.
Stiles welcomes Dillon back to the Barge.
Trying to explain things to Kid Blue.
Stiles whines to Steve about boot camp.
Stiles has a request for the Admiral.
Stiles goes to see Allison in the CES.
Stiles makes a public safety announcement to the Barge about Jerry.
Stiles talks to Zane about Jerry.

Flood: And Home Before Dark

Stiles finds Princess Lydia. With a tail.
Talking to Vex.

/Flood End

Stiles runs into Cassel in the gym.
Wondering why Allison is planning to sleep in the hallway.
Stiles talks to Lydia about Andrew's coma and...flood fallout.
Stiles assures Iris and Jack that he'll talk to Dean about the fire.
He talks to Bruce Banner about Jerry.
And apologizes to Steve.
Stiles worries about Bucky.
And talks to Gwen.
Kira arrives.
Stiles congratulates Morgana on graduation and tells her goodbye.
He's shocked to find Clementine on his doorstep.
Stiles assures Lydia he'll be at Needy's birthday party.
Jerry drops in for a chat.
He's relieved to see that Jean has woken from her coma.
Stiles talks to Peter Parker.
He asks Mal questions about vampires.
Trying to advise Chris on how to impress Cassel's mom.
Stiles runs into Vergil and an eerie shadow that's following him.
Stiles makes Slurpees.
Stiles tries to explain to Vex what the Mirror Barge is.
Stiles worries when Dean is in another altercation with Jerry.
Stiles tells Jerry he'll request a change of rooms for him or Dean.
Stiles requests that Dean or Jerry be moved.
Meeting Vergil's brother, Dante.
Talking to people at Needy's party + his date with Lydia.
He's surprised at Morgana's quick return.
Jackson arrives.
Stiles is kind of horrified by the latest sign of the approaching Mirror Barge.
Stiles talks to Lydia about Jackson's arrival.
Stiles introduces himself to Gretel so he can determine if she's going to be a threat to his friends.
He talks to new arrival Luna Lovegood.
Stiles worries about the stars being dimmer, gets wasted with Kira, and shows up at Scott's door.
Commiserating with Allison about how sucky hangovers are.
Stiles and Anya talk about forgiveness.

Event: Get Up, Put Your Dreams Away.

Stiles taunts Mirror!Allison in the arena.
Mirror!Stiles hunts for Lydia + encounters others too.
Running into Elsa.
Telling Jackson to fuck off.
Mocking his mirror barge inmate.
He runs into Kira.

/end Event


Mirror Barge -- Regular Stiles

Stiles realizes things aren't quite right.
Hoping this is his friend Bucky and not Hydra Bucky.
Being relieved to see Allison.
Stiles admits to Iris he's on the wrong boat.
Stiles runs into Lydia again. After getting his ass kicked by Dash.
Stiles and Vergil talk strategy.
Talking to Scorpius.
Rescuing Horatio.
Talking to Bucky.
Worrying about Scott.

Regular Barge -- Mirror Stiles

Talking to Lydia and figuring out what the hell is going on.
Observing Chris's method of keeping track of those who've swapped.
Runs into Allison in the stairwell.
Stiles isn't thrilled to realize the nogitsune is on this barge too.
Struggling to deal with Scott.
Running into Allison. Again.
Talking to Peter Parker.
Causing problems with Jackson.
Stiles is in Zero.
Stiles is still in Zero. Talking to Lydia.


Post: Dean's in a coma.
Checking in with Allison.
Telling Lydia he won't be leaving the ship during Port.
Letting Mickey know he's not interested in playing nice.
Trying to figure out what's going on with Allison.
Talking to Lydia to try and figure out what's going on.
Visiting Isaac in the infirmary.
Sitting outside Allison's room.
Texting with the Governor.


Finding out Dean's finally woken up.
Meeting Loki.
Hearing Kira sing.

Flood: Mother Load
Stiles runs into tiny Lydia.
Finding out Allison is also tiny.
Running into tiny Scott.
Not impressed with Chris's handling of the situation.
Realizing Dean is also younger than usual.
Talking to Peter.
Bucky and Steve are also kids. Of course.
Requesting warm clothes for the kids from the Admiral.
Taking responsibility for half the kids.
Reliving his worst nightmare.
Ugly Christmas sweaters.

/End Flood

Finding out Scott's leaving.
Stiles' response to Marsh's request.
Responding to Arkin's question.
Talking with Lydia.


Dubious about Jerry's promise to change.
Worrying about Chris.
Reassuring Allison.
Talking to Kylar about the Barge and why inmates are there.
Talking to Scott about the Shakespeare flood.
Stiles goes to comfort Lydia after Jackson vanishes.
Talking to Chris about Chris and Cassel being brainwashed.
Stiles goes to retrieve Scott's comatized butt from the animal clinic.
Stiles talks to Dean, Clementine, and visitors who come to see Scott while he's coma'd.
Stiles talks to Elena.
Talking to Dean in Zero.

Flood: Less Than Thou Showest.

Sharing a nightmare with Mickey about Jerry.
Stiles has nightmares.
One of the missing pieces from the nogitsune nightmare.
At least he hasn't dreamt about dinosaurs.
Talking caffeine with Nick Cutter.
Experiencing one of Dean's deaths via nightmares.
Talking to Letty about drowning dreams.
Stiles runs into a talking raccoon.

/End Event

Stiles asks who Tiffany killed.


Talking with new inmate John Hart.
Procuring wildflowers from Zane.
Talking to Kira about her inmate.
Meeting Alice.
Meeting Scott's new beta.

Event: Fourth Wall Day

Telling Lydia that the guy with his face isn't him.
Talking to Simon about people contacting the Barge who aren't on the Barge.
Talking to Dean.
Fourth Wall Day post -- Stiles.
Checking on Peter.

/End Event

Checking in with the newest beta.

Jaeger Shots Breach

Long suffering sigh from the youngest Stilinski brother.
Fighting Godzilla.

/End of Breach

Scott's awake.
Reuniting with people post-Breach.
Talking to newcomer Fire.
Getting a warning about Dean from Scorpius.
Stiles tries to reassure Ian when he announces Mickey's coma.
Finding out Kira's in a coma.

[Port: Dancing Naked on a Mailbox]

Meeting up with Dean and Lydia.
Rescuing Alice.

/End Port


Checking in with Kira post-port.
Pointing out that Liam is a warden.
Stiles doesn't feel quite right.
Talking with Lydia.
Talking to Ricki.
Inquiring about STD testing.
Allison wakes up.
Talking with Lydia at Bucky's birthday party.
Meeting Katniss at Bucky's party.
Stiles is losing his mind. Or possibly he's just possessed by the Sha. Could go either way.


Stiles and Scott talk.
Talking to Allison.
Talking to Steve after Bucky vanishes.
Discussing solutions to the violence on the Barge with Lydia and others.
Talking to Dean post Zero.
Running into Bucky on deck.
Talking to Steve about his announcement regarding Bucky.
Sympathizing with Kira over her inmate being sent home.


Congratulating Tiffany on her graduation.
Wondering why Bucky is apologizing.
Spam with Lydia.
Defending his bff to Pietro.
Answering Simon's questions about why they're there.
Being amused by Chris's antics.
Wishing Kira and Scott to have a good time in Paris.
Letting his friends know he and Lydia are taking a little more time in Paris.

June 2015

Arriving back on the ship with Lydia.
Talking to Dean.
Reliving nightmares with Morgana.
Learning from Kara that Dean attacked Anya.
Talking to Anya about what happened.
Stiles addresses the Barge concerning Dean's actions.

July 2015

Being suspicious of Captain Cold.
Taking care of Dean.
Talking to the new alpha werewolf, Lark.
Talking to Steve about patrolling and Zero.
Talking to Shiro.
Talking to Captain freaking Kirk.

Where's the Goat? Breach

Egg sitting with Kira.
Commiserating with Dean over what a terrible idea this tourist thing is.
Rescuing Lydia from a stampede.
Reuniting with his sister.

/End Breach

Talking with Tiffany after the breach.
Talking to Faust.
Texting with Phillip.

August 2015

Texting with Ricki.
Snarking at Peter Hale.
Talking to Noshiko.
Talking to Samifer.
Talking to Chris Argent.
Nogitsune Post.