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[Pack + Friends Filter -- Backdated to yesterday, before anyone discovers Isaac's gone]

[The camera reveals Stiles, looking more relaxed than he has in years, lounging on the massive bed in the hotel room he and Lydia are sharing.]

Okay so, Lydia and I talked and...I think we're gonna stay here for a few more days. So not to worry, we'll be back before you know it, but...

[He looks over to where she's standing a few feet away, and a soft smile touches his mouth.]

Just not quite ready to go back to reality yet. If you guys could kinda -- keep an eye out for Dean for me until I get back, I'd really appreciate it. Just, if he needs anything.

[Filter for Dean]

Hey. [His demeanor shifts a little when he starts the filter to Dean. Things have been pretty weird between them for the last few weeks, and he's hoping that'll be one of the things that changes when he comes back to the Barge.]

Just wanted you to know, Lydia and I are taking a few more days here in Paris, but we'll be back soon. Like, a week, tops.
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[Pack filter]

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Tell that bitch she owes me for the extra shopping she's going to do without me. [She says it with love and a gigantic grin, currently sprawled out on her couch with a bunny cuddled up on her chest.]

And if you don't take her to the Pont des Arts, you're an idiot. It's the Lovers' Bridge by the Louvre...you get a padlock, write or scratch your names on it, lock it onto the fence, and then you both toss the keys in the river as a sign of your eternal devotion.
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Private text

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Actually, I wasn't planning on leaving the room at all.

[She's sitting by the vanity a few feet away, but she wanted to check in with Allison before she leaves.]
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[He's not surprised. He's not. He's just also not really sure what he should say here, and not because things have been weird.

He's been saying this would happen from day one, but the kid was the one insisting it wouldn't; there's some satisfaction there, some grim victory, even though he's not happy about it. He's wrong so often, he'll take when he's right.

But it hurts in a way he'd been trying to avoid; he's angry, because he said this. And he's grateful because it's easier this way, really. (And he's afraid, because what does this mean, what does this leave him vulnerable for, why now?)

He dares the video anyway, because the best way to hide is in plain sight. His face is much less expressive these days anyway, and he'll just have to trust in that: it's difficult to read much of anything into the set of his mouth, the flatness of his eyes, the blank voice.

You can just say it. [No one ever just says it. No one ever just says they're leaving.]
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That you're going home.

[Stiles has to know what he means, but Dean knows how to undercut playing the stupid game. It's practically a Winchester pasttime, the flip side to keeping the stupid game going. Experts at one, experts at the other.]

Or hell, maybe you really will stay in Paris, but that's home too, isn't it? That's not here.

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Dude, seriously? What if you get left behind?

There's no one around to bring you back.
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Yeah? You just know that for sure?

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[She patiently waits for him to get done with his conversations. Meanwhile checking for the pack replies he's getting and carefully braiding her hair. She's also more relaxed than she's been in a long time, and not just the sex -- even if that certainly helps a lot.

Mostly, just being there, in this amazing city. And being able to act like a normal eighteen year old girl. Go shopping with her best friend, sight seeing, doing silly romantic things with her boyfriend. And then there is the whole being in love part. And feeling safe to expose her feelings and know that he feels the same way about her.

Lydia is fairly sure she has had a smile on her lips the whole entire time since they came to the hotel. And they haven't left yet.

Once Stiles is done talking to the others, she sets her communicator down on the vanity and crosses the room over to the bed. She crawls up to his side and presses a tender kiss to his cheek as she sits down next to him.]

Everything okay?
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[Lydia smiles against his lips when he kisses her and instantly wraps her arm around him as she shifts closer. The size of of their suite is probably the further apart they've been from each other. And she's really okay with that.]

Maybe it'll even make him trust you more. Make him realize you're not abandoning him.

[She lifts a hand over his cheek and brushes her nose to his.]

Are you okay?
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voice, private

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Have fun.

[Apparently, he's made enough of an improvement in Paris to feel comfortable using voice and not text over the network.]
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Can you do that? [It's intriguing news for Kira, and she's clearly happy for both of them.] Stay extra time? How do you get back to the barge?

[Because if they can stay longer...and well, Scott mentioned wanting to stay forever. Maybe not that long, but still.]
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[Since she doesn't wanna talk over Stiles, she just replies via text from the vanity.]

We were already planning on taking a break from the Barge and coming here, so we figured we'd just stay.

People leave the Barge all the time.
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Yeah, but how do you get back?
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Normally we'd ask the Admiral. But right now, we can bring ourselves back.

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[Pack/Friends Filter!]

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[For just a second he looks totally and completely dumbstruck.]

Why didn't I think of that?

[Because a few more days hanging out with Kira - and Stiles and Lydia and-- no, no, don't worry guys, he won't be inviting himself along. Scott smiles, trying to quiet the small misgivings he has. He knows Stiles will see through it, but the comfort is that they are small. How much trouble could they get into in Paris?]

Do whatever Allison tells you to do.
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Re: [Pack/Friends Filter!]

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[Alone time with a beautiful girl is usually, in Scott's opinion, really REALLY great.]

Dude, you're gonna be better than fine. [He tries to swallow a grin and completely fails. It's good seeing them like this, happy, unworried. This trip has been good for all of them, and if they need more time to take advantage of it, Scott can't begrudge them.]

We'll see you guys soon. Bring back a ton of French bread, okay?