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22. A monster, a monster, I've turned into a monster

Who: Stiles Stilinski, bad dreams and YOU.
Where: Stiles' mind and then...Scott's room, the kitchen, and Scott's room again.
When: Throughout the "Less Than Thou Showest" flood, January 25th - 29th.
What: Stiles' mind is a scary place. It gets scarier when the nightmares aren't even his.
Warnings: Blood, death, violence, attempted suicide, drowning.
Note: Open to anyone, planned or not!

He hasn't had nightmares like this in awhile. But now he can't seem to shut them off. It's not like it was once, where everytime he woke up he's screaming. But it's not pleasant, and it's not his idea of a good time, and by the time he convinces himself to leave Scott's comatized body and go to the kitchen for caffeine, he feels like a zombie.

He makes it back to Scott's cabin in record time, drinking down the hot beverage so fast that it burns his mouth and then his throat.

He mumbles some curses and waits impatiently for the beverage to cool down before taking another long drink. Frankly he wishes it was something stronger.

A lot stronger.
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Kira has spent many winters in New York City, and yet nothing has prepared her for this kind of cold.

But in her dreams, she is Stiles, and Stiles is her, and while she has been fortunate not to have lost either of her parents, the desparation to save him! is as potent for her as it is to the boy she's sharing a death with.

The metal bites into her palm, more an irritant than pain, and she finds it comforting. The hands on her shoulders serving as the harbinger of her willing death are also comforting. Kira could never have imagined that an act to end a life could be filled with care, and something inside her also whispers this is love. Gazing at Scott's face briefly, and comfort is combined with confidence. Stiles' faith, her faith in Scott has never been unfounded, and in this moment, she understands what it means to love like a brother.

And then she's under. Cold, so cold. She can't breathe. Is there supposed to be a light at the end of this tunnel? Her grip on the badge tightens.
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The soft knock at the door may have a familiar rhythm to it, but since it opens right after that, the answer to the mystery is clear: here's Kira. Her eyes are are huge, like she's Seen Something; filled with something more traumatic than those big eyed kids in the velvet paintings. She's clutching something in her hands, and for ones her eyes don't drift toward Scott's prone body, but rather she makes a beeline for Stiles.

Once she makes it to within a few feet, she tightens her grip on the item in her hand; a dented metal sheriff's star.

"I miss my dad." Kira says, perhaps not quite apropos of nothing. To her credit, she does not cry, but her eyes do shine.
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Kira is grateful for the hug. "It's the Flood, isn't it." she guesses. Stiles may find there's a small damp patch where her face pressed briefly against his shirt, but when she steps away, there aren't any tear tracks. Instead, she holds the star out in offering. "This is yours." she says firmly.

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Bucky is no stranger to nightmares, to waking up shaken and terrified, thinking you're somewhere else, with someone else, and he's nearly punched or shoved Steve off him enough times to be very used to every part of this flood.

Except waking up with strange objects in your bed. That, he could do without.

(He could probably do without seeing just how bad things were for his friends, too, and Stiles' dream - because of course it's Stiles', who else would be possessed by something and thinking Scott was going to show up and rescue him? - in particular hurt to see, but the kid knows all about what happened with Zola, so maybe it's only fair. The universe trying to balance itself out.)

He goes looking for Stiles in Scott's cabin without even thinking about it, really, knocking on the door frame instead of just barging in. He's figured out by now that people aren't really aware of what you're watching from their perspective, and it's probably stupid to come over and announce that you've seen them at your most vulnerable, but.

Stiles already isn't a good sleeper. This flood has got to be a (haha) nightmare for him.
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"Kinda feel like I should be asking you the same question," is Bucky's initial reply, raising a meaningful eyebrow at Stiles because, well. You know why. Probably.

"Can I come in?"

No use beating around the bush, right?
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"That's one way of putting it." Bucky's not sure what else to say, because... yeah. That definitely covers it.

There's more he should probably say, but he's not sure how to put any of it. Stiles told him all about the nogitsune, it seems stupid to ask more about it, or pry, even if he's still worried about how he's coping with it. How do you cope with it?

He glances over at the bed, nodding towards the still sleeping form under the blankets.

"How's Scott?"

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[She wakes up screaming. Not a piercing banshee scream of death, but a human scream of pain and terror, she's sobbing as she thrashes, kicking her arms and her legs as she tries to free herself. She feels the pain on her leg, on her foot.

She's freezing, so cold, and so terrified.

But then it gets better as she feels warm arms wrapped around her. Her eyes are still shut tight, her body still freezing cold and she can hear his name being called. Her name.]
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[She, him, the dream or reality, she's not sure. But she grips his arms tightly as she gasps for air. She can feel the tears on her cheeks and she's still so cold. But it doesn't feel as real anymore. Like it's all in her head.

With wide eyes, she swallows hard and turns her head toward him.]
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[She turns into him, shifting closer as she slides her arms around him, her head on his shoulder. Slowly, she's feeling a little more like herself.]

It was your dream. [She knows when it happened, too. The night she led everyone to the basement at Eichen House, only to find it empty, with no sign of Stiles.]

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She's both impressed and worried; feels a strange chime of kinship, but isn't at all sure if he'd welcome it, if she could explain why without crossing lines again that have already been crossed without his permission.

She did promise Dean that she'd check up on him, though. It's an easier place to start, concrete. When she's done with her morning routines, combat drills and breakfast and work shift, she shoots him a text.

dean is worried about you
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he yelled at me that you were in over your head

and other wardens should be helping you

and how it wasnt fair of the barge to take advantage of your desperation

i mean a little of that is projection obviously

but mostly it sounded pretty sincere

so you must be doing something right

He really cares, in his angry Dean way.

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