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[A short while after his conversation with Bucky, Stiles takes stock of all the coats, hats, gloves and scarves that are all over his floor thanks to The Admiral. It takes him an hour and a half to sort everything by size, then color, draping some of the piles on his bed, some on his desk, and some that have no other place to go but the floor. There's not much of a walkway, but it's big enough that kids can come in and get what they need.

After that's done, he drops down in his desk chair and turns on the camera, arching his eyebrows.]

[Public Video]

I've got coats, gloves, scarves and hats for everyone under sixteen that's found themselves wanting to play on the deck in the snow and doesn't have them. I'm in 712 if you need something.
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[Stiles, you said you have clothes. Lydia doesn't take more than two minutes to reply.]

Do you have any for me?
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[Her face brightens instantly and she nods, getting up from the bed.]

I'm gonna come get it! Don't let anyone else have it.
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[She's still wearing the oversized sweater she found in her closet, so she's been writing and drawing on her notebook all day. It doesn't even occur to Lydia to leave it behind before she dashes out of her room and toward his.

It takes her a few minutes, but she finds it without a problem. After she went looking for Allison's room, it's easy to figure out the system around the ship.

So she stops by the door, and knocks.]

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Me me meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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spelling ttly on purpose

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[Shouted with great enthusiasm,]

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[She is visibly pleased.] I like it!



[Oh, no. Big eyes. Big, big eyes. Danger Stiles Stilinski, danger!]

Can we sit together with hot cocoa and you can read me comic books? Pleeeeeeeease?
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to action spam?

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Do you have something that'll fit a guy about [Steve holds his hand up above his head to Bucky's height] this tall?
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Uh... [Well Steve's world is pretty limited in terms of color - and besides, they'd both take whatever the could get.]

I don't think so. Bucky'd take anything, as long as it's not a girl's coat. [Although if he were desperate - but they're not desperate, here. He adds, smiling a little helplessly,] If it's not too much to ask, just, um, make sure it's a color a guy would wear.
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[Steve looks grateful as Stiles goes to look through the pile of coats - and he looks even more grateful at what he produces. He kind of likes that they coats look pretty similar.] Yeah - yeah, that would be great.

Um. Do you need anything in return? I could do some chores. I'm real good at laundry.


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Mr. Stiles, Mr. Stiles! Do you gots any coats an' stuff in outside colors? I gotta blend into the forest so's I can play Robin Hood better!
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[She screws up her little face into a hard, thoughtful look, then lets out a yelp and slaps both her hands over her face in frustration.]

I can't decide! It's too hard!
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You better have saved me the best one!
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Is it blue?

Tell me it's blue!
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[Scott practically bounces, pumping both fists into the sky.

Then he abruptly sobers, dropping his arms back to his sides and trying so hard not to smile.]

It could be bluer.

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