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16. And all the roads we have to walk are winding

[Video -- Public]

[The video feed opens to reveal the deck of the ship. A second later you can see Stiles leaning against the railing, a troubled expression on his face. He's pretty sure he already has the answer to the question he's about to pose, but he wants to be sure. He glances over his shoulder, up at the sky.]

Okay so is it just me, or are the stars...a lot less bright than usual? [He shifts so that he's holding the comm up so everyone can see what he's talking about.]

Is this another Mirror Barge sign?

[Spam for Kira -- Pub]

[He makes it to the Pub in less than the ten minutes that he agreed to meet Kira. It's closed, but he uses his warden's item and lets himself in. He's already perusing the alcohol choices when he hears her footsteps approaching and his head pops up from behind the bar. He gives her a small smile before ducking down again.]

So what's your poison, my friend?

[Spam for Scott]

[It's much later now. So late he doesn't actually even know what time it is. He's not entirely sure where he's even going until he finds himself in front of Scott's closed door. Oh. Apparently that's where. He has a half-drunk bottle of Jack in his left hand and his vision is just a bit bleary. He already has a headache, and realistically he knows he should just go to his own cabin, down some aspirin, drink some water, and crawl into bed for the next twelve or so hours. But he doesn't feel like being alone tonight.

Kira was great company, but they parted ways awhile ago and he's been wandering the corridors since. He briefly contemplate just going up to the deck again. Laying beneath the stars and staring up, but the way they've gotten dimmer freaks him out when he's completely sober, let alone when he's drunk. And the rational part of his brain that's still functioning tells him that he shouldn't be out and about when there are at least two people on the Barge who would probably like to see him dead.

Still. Where once he wouldn't have hesitated to just barge in on his best friend, he knows Scott's dealing with a lot already and a drunken Stiles probably isn't something he should have to deal with. He sighs and pushes himself away from the door, stumbling a little and rubbing a hand over his face as he heads back toward the stairs.]
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[Goddamnit, Stiles. Do you really have to word it like that?]

With Lydia. She and werewolf Stiles are kind of together. He is more than likely the best weapon you will have against her since she actually cares about him even if she pretends to be manipulating him. [Surprise?]

Most everything she says is a lie, though. She will use her words to get everyone on her side. She hates Scott and his pack. She is part of Peter's pack along with her version of Jackson. But she hates Peter, too.
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[Scott's been watching. He's just as scared of what's coming, at it takes him a little longer to try and compose himself. He doesn't turn on the comm until he feels calm.]

The other me just wants power. He cares, sort of, about some people - I don't think he'd hurt Stiles - but...

[He wets his lips.]

I bit Gwen and Chris, and I was fully intending to kill them after their first full moon.]

[He doesn't even realize he make the pronoun switch.]
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[Scott bites his lip, just for a second, before nodding.]

Yeah. Yeah, you're right. He did that.