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[Stiles has cleaned up since being on the deck of the ship with Bucky and Morgana. So there's no blood on his clothes now as he appears on the screen. He holds up a doll that he found on the fourth floor. He looks kinda tense.]

So I found this. I have no idea whose it is, but I've got it and it's safe.

[The screen goes dark once more.]

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[Private Video -- Jack]

[Stiles appears on the video screen, looking...kind of terrible. Rundown. He's also rubbing a hand over the back of his neck.]

Hey, man. You got a few minutes?

[Video -- Filtered to Friends of Scott McCall]

[Stiles is silent for a moment when the video clicks on again. He hesitates -- and if anyone knows him (which of course they don't, really, yet), that's unusual for him. He kind of looks like he'd rather be doing literally anything else than what he's about to do.]

So, Scott's been gone for a few days now. He's -- when he comes back, he's probably going to be kind of different than you're used to.

[He lets out a breath, raking a hand through his hair.]

If he stays there long enough to be at the same point in time where I was when I came here, he's gonna be different. Some pretty bad crap happened back home and he's going to need a lot of support.

[He swallows hard, looking extremely uncomfortable as a hand passes over his face. He's been trying to get the courage to say all of this since the day that Scott left.]

But like, don't...treat him differently than usual? Just let him know you're there if he needs you. Yeah, I guess that's...pretty much it.

[The video clicks off.]

(001) Video

Apr. 9th, 2014 01:06 am
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[Well here we go. He is on a ship and he thinks for the briefest of moments about making a joke about calling it the Ship of Dreams because Lydia has made him watch Titanic a few too many times. But it sounds lame even to him, and he's still not feeling that great about...anything, really.

After a long moment of hesitation, he turns the camera on and gives a small smile that looks a bit more like a grimace than anything. His tone is light and friendly, even if his expression is tired, his skin a bit too pale, and there are bags under his eyes that indicate it's been awhile since he's had any decent sleep. He's still cold, still achy and nauseous, but he knows he's going to get better from that eventually. In theory.]

So I have to admit that the irony in this is kind of hilarious. I mean, my dad's a sheriff and I'm not even out of high school and here I am on a ship about to be a warden.

[He pauses. Warden definitely beats being possessed, so he's rolling with it. It's what he does.]

Can't say this is exactly how I figured things would turn out, buuuut. [He shrugs, looking down for a moment.] It sort of does beat the alternative, so I guess I'm happy to be here.

I'm Stiles Stilinski.


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