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[He almost doesn't log on when he realizes what's going on. Almost. But he's never been good about refraining from doing things when it comes to finding out what's going on. And he's just hoping like hell that his dad really is okay like Liam told him, that Melissa's doing well, that things in Beacon Hills aren't as screwed up as they usually are. He hopes.]

So, anyone out there from Beacon Hills listening on this thing?

[Private to Jean]

I have a question for you. [Actually it's more like a possible request. He's not entirely sure yet.]
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[Open Spam]

[He's always liked the woods. Practically grew up in them back in Beacon Hills with Scott. Years spent climbing trees and camping, other times spent fishing with his parents before his mom got sick and died, before his dad developed a bit of an alcohol problem and became a workaholic. The woods don't bother Stiles. Neither does only having two days worth of supplies. He no longer needs Adderall, so the lack of the drug in his system means he actually has a healthy appetite. That's the other great part about being a werewolf -- it means he can hunt his food when it runs out. And he knows from experience that the woods are full of perfectly edible creatures he can catch easily. If there's a pond or a river, he can fish.

He'll get by.

It's Lydia that he's currently worried about. He knows the rest of the pack hates her, that they won't lift a finger to help her even if she gets hungry. She hates them just as much. But with everyone being split up, it means that Scott will have a better chance at killing her -- again, or that someone else will try. He needs to find her first.

He straps the backpack to his back and sets off. The familiar sounds of nature are all around him, louder than he's used to. He keeps his comm in his jeans pocket in case Scott or Lydia try and reach him that way. For now he's content to use his enhanced senses to seek out the one he's looking for.]

Ooc: Stiles is affected by the event -- he's much more twisted and dangerous than the Stiles from the regular barge. Feel free to run into him over any of the days from the event!]
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Backdated: Content warning for arson/things related to vampires. )

[Video -- Public]

[The video feed clicks on and it shows Stiles in the pub. There's a blender beside him that's full of ice, and several bottles of various syrups around. He's holding a container of sugar and eying the blender before he begins pouring it atop the ice.]

So, someone wondered about Slurpees on the Barge. I think this is everything it takes to make one. [Maybe. Possibly. Mostly he's just experimenting right now.] So if anyone would like to be a taste tester, come up to the Pub. [You know. If you're feeling brave. Or if you want to bounce off the walls. He's still pouring in the sugar and now half the container is in the blender.]
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[Video -- Filtered Against Jerry]

For those of you who don't know, there's a vampire on the Barge named Jerry. He hasn't been here long and he's not a very nice guy. Mountain ash can trap him someplace, or keep him out of a place. It acts like a supernatural barrier. I've asked the Admiral for more. I have some already, but not enough for everyone.

[His jaw tightens a little. His face is just a slight shade paler than usual, but if you haven't really paid attention to that sort of thing -- you're not likely to notice.]

Someone with a shitload of super powers should probably go let him out of the laundry room. But be careful. He's probably really pissed off about now.

[He looks like he wants to say something else, but he doesn't. He just disconnects the feed.]

[Private to Werewolf Friends]

Obviously you guys can't handle mountain ash. So you're going to need to be extra careful with this douchewad. We don't know what kind of damage a vampire could do to one of you.
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[Spam for Jack Shephard and Debra Morgan]

[It isn't the first time that Stiles wakes up without knowing where he is. And it's no less terrifying than it always is. The last time he woke up somewhere with no knowledge how he'd gotten there, it had been to Rafael and Melissa McCall pulling him out of a coyote den as he screamed himself back to consciousness. The ground and air even feel similar to the way Malia's den felt, and he forces himself to take a shaky breath. He reminds himself that this isn't really unexpected. The Barge crashed. They're in port, apparently. Unfortunately, he wasn't with Scott or Lydia either one before the boat had shuddered.

But he can hear breathing close by and wow, that's also familiar and creepy. He swallows hard, rubbing a hand over his face and feeling around on the cool ground for his pack, relieved when he feels it. He manages to dig his comm out first and he immediately starts digging around for his flashlight next, trying to ignore the way his hands are shaking. He remembers being in the basement of Eichen House, or what he thought was the basement of Eichen House at the time, anyway. Really, he'd been fighting subconsciously for control over his own mind with the nogitsune.

Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. What is it? It's just a whisper against his mind, a terrifying reminder, and he shuts his eyes quickly, feeling nauseous. He hears the breathing again and he tries to tell himself that he is not back home, that he is not possessed, that the nogitsune is dead, and he needs to pull himself together and get ready to face whatever this new situation is about to bring him. His voice is shaky when he speaks.]

Hello? Who's there?

[Public -- Voice]

[After locating his flashlight and turning it on, after he's talked to Bucky briefly, he makes quick of trying to contact his other friends. Unfortunately it's not working any better now than it was when he was trying to talk to Bucky. It's thick with static.]

...tt? Lydia? [bzzzzzzzzzzzzt] -- ear me?
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[The device clicks on and reveals a dripping wet and more than slightly annoyed Stiles Stilinski standing in the middle of his bathroom, fully clothed. There are suds all over his shirt, and in his hair.]

So, there's a very clear reason for that saying be careful what you wish for, apparently. Except I haven't made any wishes and somehow I ended up fully clothed and in a bubble bath with a rubber duck.

[He holds the rubber duck up as evidence and shakes his head a little. It's annoying, but he knows it could've been a lot worse. Still. He'd been in the middle of working on his database. It's the second time in twenty-four hours that he's had something really weird happened. The first being when Needy had teleported into his room and scared the crap out of him.]

So okay not a huge deal but please don't do it again. [Whoever did it. Because no.]


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