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[Video -- Scorpius]

So...thanks. For finding me and taking me to the infirmary during the breach.

[As usual, he wonders if his own death would have prevented that of someone else's. Allison's. It always seems to come down to that. But he knows that despite the death toll, his own death would also have taken its toll on his friends. He knows that if there's an ultimate choice at stake -- and there is, he'll always choose Allison's life over his own. But in this situation he hadn't known, couldn't have known, and Scorpius certainly didn't, so while the thanks is belated, it is also sincere.]

[Video -- Jack]

Hey. Thanks for...well, Scott said you gave me your own blood or I probably wouldn't have survived. That's pretty awesome doctor-ing, considering the limited amount of supplies and stuff.

[Video -- Scott and Lydia]

She knows we're leaving stuff out. I told her no one really wanted to talk about my murder spree right now, but I don't know if... [He looks down, holds his breath for a moment. He doesn't know if she believes that's all there is. That alone is a lot. But Allison is smart, and she knows all of them so very well. He exhales.]

I'm starting to think maybe we should tell her. Before she winds up finding out some other way.

[Video -- Andrew]

Hey. Any chance you'd wanna do a movie or video game thing soon?

[Video -- Wardens]

Has anyone ever changed the specifics of their deal without leaving the Barge for awhile first? Is that something that's possible?

[Video -- Jean]

I know we haven't really talked but uh, I was wondering if that whole offer you made a few days ago about people talking to you...if that was still on the table. [A beat.]

Because I think that's probably something I should do.
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[Spam for Jack Shephard and Debra Morgan]

[It isn't the first time that Stiles wakes up without knowing where he is. And it's no less terrifying than it always is. The last time he woke up somewhere with no knowledge how he'd gotten there, it had been to Rafael and Melissa McCall pulling him out of a coyote den as he screamed himself back to consciousness. The ground and air even feel similar to the way Malia's den felt, and he forces himself to take a shaky breath. He reminds himself that this isn't really unexpected. The Barge crashed. They're in port, apparently. Unfortunately, he wasn't with Scott or Lydia either one before the boat had shuddered.

But he can hear breathing close by and wow, that's also familiar and creepy. He swallows hard, rubbing a hand over his face and feeling around on the cool ground for his pack, relieved when he feels it. He manages to dig his comm out first and he immediately starts digging around for his flashlight next, trying to ignore the way his hands are shaking. He remembers being in the basement of Eichen House, or what he thought was the basement of Eichen House at the time, anyway. Really, he'd been fighting subconsciously for control over his own mind with the nogitsune.

Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. What is it? It's just a whisper against his mind, a terrifying reminder, and he shuts his eyes quickly, feeling nauseous. He hears the breathing again and he tries to tell himself that he is not back home, that he is not possessed, that the nogitsune is dead, and he needs to pull himself together and get ready to face whatever this new situation is about to bring him. His voice is shaky when he speaks.]

Hello? Who's there?

[Public -- Voice]

[After locating his flashlight and turning it on, after he's talked to Bucky briefly, he makes quick of trying to contact his other friends. Unfortunately it's not working any better now than it was when he was trying to talk to Bucky. It's thick with static.]

...tt? Lydia? [bzzzzzzzzzzzzt] -- ear me?
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[Private Video -- Jack]

[Stiles appears on the video screen, looking...kind of terrible. Rundown. He's also rubbing a hand over the back of his neck.]

Hey, man. You got a few minutes?

[Video -- Filtered to Friends of Scott McCall]

[Stiles is silent for a moment when the video clicks on again. He hesitates -- and if anyone knows him (which of course they don't, really, yet), that's unusual for him. He kind of looks like he'd rather be doing literally anything else than what he's about to do.]

So, Scott's been gone for a few days now. He's -- when he comes back, he's probably going to be kind of different than you're used to.

[He lets out a breath, raking a hand through his hair.]

If he stays there long enough to be at the same point in time where I was when I came here, he's gonna be different. Some pretty bad crap happened back home and he's going to need a lot of support.

[He swallows hard, looking extremely uncomfortable as a hand passes over his face. He's been trying to get the courage to say all of this since the day that Scott left.]

But like, don't...treat him differently than usual? Just let him know you're there if he needs you. Yeah, I guess that's...pretty much it.

[The video clicks off.]

(001) Video

Apr. 9th, 2014 01:06 am
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[Well here we go. He is on a ship and he thinks for the briefest of moments about making a joke about calling it the Ship of Dreams because Lydia has made him watch Titanic a few too many times. But it sounds lame even to him, and he's still not feeling that great about...anything, really.

After a long moment of hesitation, he turns the camera on and gives a small smile that looks a bit more like a grimace than anything. His tone is light and friendly, even if his expression is tired, his skin a bit too pale, and there are bags under his eyes that indicate it's been awhile since he's had any decent sleep. He's still cold, still achy and nauseous, but he knows he's going to get better from that eventually. In theory.]

So I have to admit that the irony in this is kind of hilarious. I mean, my dad's a sheriff and I'm not even out of high school and here I am on a ship about to be a warden.

[He pauses. Warden definitely beats being possessed, so he's rolling with it. It's what he does.]

Can't say this is exactly how I figured things would turn out, buuuut. [He shrugs, looking down for a moment.] It sort of does beat the alternative, so I guess I'm happy to be here.

I'm Stiles Stilinski.


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