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Mirror Barge Profile

I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too.
So I stayed in the darkness with you.
Stiles Stilinski was broken the day that his mother died. Eight years old found him dealing with an alcoholic work-obsessed father who didn't know how to deal with Claudia's death -- or how to raise his hyperactive, trouble-prone son. Fortunately for Stiles, he had a second family with Melissa and Scott McCall, the woman who'd been like his second mother, and his best friend since age four.

Everything about his life follows canon right up until the end of season three's "Motel California." That's where his life diverts from normal Stiles' life. Instead of giving his best friend an impassioned speech about being brothers and needing Scott, he gets there just a few seconds too late. Stiles watches Scott burn to death right in front of his horrified eyes and something within him snaps.

He turns his rage first on Isaac and Boyd and Ethan -- simply for the fact that they've survived when Scott hasn't. He kills all three of them. He kills Allison for having broken Scott's heart. But his killing streak doesn't end there. He goes after the Alpha Pack, killing them one by one with wolfsbane bullets. Kali, Aiden, Deucalion. But while he's on his murder spree, Jennifer Blake kidnaps his dad, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent. They all die, and the Nemeton activates even though he manages to kill Jennifer, too.

He lands on the Barge and he's stunned to see Scott. Except it isn't the Scott from his world. It isn't the Scott that he grew up with. This Scott is an alpha, a dark version of his best friend: murderous, twisted, ruthless. But Stiles doesn't care about any of that. He's more than a bit of all of those himself. Scott offers him the bite and Stiles accepts without hesitation. His loyalty to Scott is unwavering in its intensity.

Until the moment that Lydia Martin arrives on the ship. She isn't the same Lydia he fell in love with back home -- isn't the only person from the pack that he intentionally spared. She, too, is a different version of the one he knew -- manipulative, self-centered, seductive. The two begin a sexual relationship and he's well aware that she's using it to try and play him against Scott and vice versa. But Stiles is smart, and he also refuses to choose between them.

He's an asshole who cares nothing for anyone but Scott and Lydia and himself, and he's more than willing to kill to keep what he sees as his.

pb: Dylan O'Brien · profile layout by tessisamess@ij · Mirror Barge Profile for Last Voyages

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