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Stiles Stilinski ([personal profile] voluntaryapnea) wrote2014-09-15 04:13 pm

15. Who knows what's right?/The lines keep getting thinner

[He finds himself on the fourth floor, just outside of what's left of cabin 407, the room next to Dean's. He already has a pretty good idea of what exactly happened. Already knows that the vampire had been sealed inside the room courtesy of mountain ash. He sees it on the floor just outside the door and he kneels down, running his fingers through it and pursing his lips.

He's an awesome warden, really. Helping incite his inmate to attempted murder. Not that Jerry doesn't deserve it. It isn't about Jerry. He has no guilt or sympathy for the guy. It's that Dean is the one who dealt the strike. And Stiles had handed over the information he'd needed to do it with. He doesn't see a difference really, between someone handing a loaded gun to a psychopath out to commit homicide and his own role in the events that had taken place the night before. He lets out a breath and then steps inside the room, looking up at the scorched ceiling. Scorpius had been injured, too. Others could have been. People could have died.

Stiles rubs the back of his neck and grimaces. Innocent people getting caught up in this isn't something he'd wanted to happen, but it has and now he has to figure out how to deal with the fallout. The question is...how?]

[Private Video -- Dean Winchester.]

[It takes him a few hours to decide what to do about the whole situation with Dean. He can't just allow him to go around setting people on fire -- even if they deserve it and he maintains that Jerry did. But he also isn't going to be terribly harsh about punishment in this case. Maybe it's wrong, but considering he played a role in Dean's actions, he can't be too hard on the guy.

And he won't put Dean in Zero or confine him to his room. That's not even a punishment for the guy. Dean wants to be alone. Which is exactly why he can't be. Not just because it's supposed to be a punishment, but because it's unhealthy. Solitude is great, but everyone needs someone, and Dean is no exception, even if he believes otherwise.]

So. We should probably talk about what happened last night.

[Video -- Public]

[The video feed clicks on and it shows Stiles in the pub. There's a blender beside him that's full of ice, and several bottles of various syrups around. He's holding a container of sugar and eying the blender before he begins pouring it atop the ice.]

So, someone wondered about Slurpees on the Barge. I think this is everything it takes to make one. [Maybe. Possibly. Mostly he's just experimenting right now.] So if anyone would like to be a taste tester, come up to the Pub. [You know. If you're feeling brave. Or if you want to bounce off the walls. He's still pouring in the sugar and now half the container is in the blender.]

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