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Character Relationship Chart

Scott McCall
Teen Wolf
QUOTES: "I told you, Stiles. It'll be okay. We'll figure it out - whatever it is, dude. You always have a plan."
Tags: scott mccall, you still got me, nothing in this world I wouldn't do


Lydia Martin
Teen Wolf
QUOTES: "Just tell me, Stiles. You always make sense of this kind of thing better than anyone else."
Tags: lydia martin, emotional tether, like the sun came out, not just a girl


Allison Argent
Teen Wolf
QUOTES: "Next time? I'll be there. And if I'm not? You guys will be ready...Survival 101. I'm gonna teach all three of you, and I don't just mean outdoor survival: how to spot a mystical illusion, how to take down a full-powered werewolf, how to spot other classes of shapeshifter and what their weaknesses are. Even if I can't be there, you'll all be safe. I swear, I won't let any of you go through that alone again. Not while there's breath in my lungs."
Tags: allison argent, I think her death it must be killing me, don't ever say goodbye


Bucky Barnes
Captain America
QUOTES: "I'm not saying it'll be easy, but you survived. You've still got a chance at fixing this, and you're not gonna throw it away. You've been through a hell of a lot, and it's not fair for anyone to ask any more of you, but we can't change what's happening. Best we can do is try to get through it, and you're lucky that you've got a hell of a lot of people who want to help you get there."
Tags: bucky barnes, bucky has a phd in psychology


Steve Rogers
Captain America
QUOTES: "I'll let you in on a secret - if Bucky told you he's the one keeping me out of trouble, it's a lie. Try the other way around."
Tags: steve rogers


Dean Winchester
QUOTES: "You seem a little young and... normal... for hell.Or is this heaven? I can't tell anymore."
Tags: dean winchester


QUOTES: "You're all so noble, coming here to assuage your guilt."
Tags: morgana


Needy Lesnicki
Jennifer's Body
QUOTES: "It's weird that there would be so much in common. Between what happened to you and what happened with me."
Tags: needy lesnicki


Jack Shephard
QUOTES: "And here I thought I'd seen everything."
Tags: jack shephard


Peter Parker
The Amazing Spider-Man
QUOTES: "But yeah, no worries, I've got your back. Both of your backs?"
Tags: peter parker


John Crichton
QUOTES: "Advice? Watch your back. There are a lot of dangerous people running around and it's really easy to get a knife in it when you aren't look'n."
Tags: john crichton


QUOTES: "Your short-sightedness and overly concerning instinct is keeping Dean and the rest of us from revelations beyond imagining."
Tags: scorpius


Dead Like Me
QUOTES: "You really do have ADD, don't you. Getting us off the topic of your giving me your pretty little pills."
Tags: mason, oh my god mason why


Stephanie Brown
QUOTES: "I'm really enjoying not being dead, it's definitely on my bucket list."
Tags: stephanie brown


Barbara Gordon
QUOTES: "I wish I could say giant mutant platypodes were beyond the realm of possibility."
Tags: barbara gordon


Cassel Sharpe
Curse Workers
QUOTES: "I guess there are worse things in life than being second string to Scott McCall."
Tags: cassel sharpe


Andrew Detmer
QUOTES: "Just, none of you know anything about me. Everyone's all worried and-- I don't get it. Why does anyone even care? Why do you even give a shit?"
Tags: andrew detmer


Chris D'Amico
QUOTES: "I'm Chris. I'd get up to meet you except I died four days ago and I don't want to roll out of bed right now, Night of the Living Dead-esque."
Tags: chris d'amico

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