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Permissions -- TLV

CONTACT METHOD: Email (freelancingbluebird@gmail.com) or on the contact post are the quickest! Also: http://www.plurk.com/xtremeroswellia/invite
THREAD-JACKING: Go right ahead!
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Is it okay for another character to recognize yours as fictional? (No please) Is it okay for yours to be recognized as an actor? (Prefer no on this one too) Is it okay for your character be informed of future events by canonmates that come from later canon points? (This is totally fine)
BACKTAGGING: Definitely!
AVOIDED TOPICS: [9/18/14 ETA] Any kind of animal abuse or death please give me a warning about!


CURRENT CANON POINT: Set toward the end of "The Divine Move" as he's holding a sword to his stomach.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He's 5'10" and currently about 138 pounds. No real outstanding features. His hair is kind of fluffy/spiky, and he has brown eyes. Speckling of moles on his otherwise pale skin.

DEMEANOR: He's a bit more quiet than he used to be thanks to being possessed and feeling responsible for some terrible things that happened during that time. But he's always in motion. Some part of him is always moving. His hands or fingers, his foot tapping on the floor. He does not sit still. And if he's feeling halfway normal, he can be a real smart ass. He's sarcastic, and witty. He's never been a popular kid, but he doesn't really care about that either. Experiences over the last couple of years have left him a bit jaded and earning his trust won't be easy for most people.

ABILITIES: Stiles is very smart. He can put information together and figure out what's going on before most people even realize something IS going on. He's also fairly intuitive when it comes to people. He's pretty good at telling when someone is inherently "evil" or not.

MEDICAL INFORMATION: He takes Adderall for ADHD. He has a lot of anxiety issues including panic attacks, and he's probably got some undiagnosed PTSD going on at this point. He's always had issues with sleep -- insomnia, sleepwalking, night terrors, etc. His mom died from frontotemoral dementia when Stiles was 8 and he's very aware of the possibility he'll suffer the same affliction with it. He had a close call concerning it not that long ago in canon, so it's at the forefront of his mind.

CABIN INFORMATION: Cabin 712: Various shots of his room:

 photo tumblr_inline_mqzoge1OQ01qz4rgp_zpse03b0568.jpg

 photo tumblr_inline_mqzobapHp61qz4rgp_zps0ca62a4e.jpg

 photo tumblr_inline_mqzoej1K1Q1qz4rgp_zpsd8c8f569.jpg

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Yeah basically the only things that will actually insult him is if you talk badly about his someone he really cares about.

He also gets upset when it comes to people talking about anything involving altering or controlling or messing with someone else's mind. And if you're in favor of it? He's probably not going to trust you.

MENTAL: Yes, feel free. Just give me a heads up so I know what's going on! He'll be pretty freaked out about it. He's recently had his mind messed with pretty badly.
MIMICRY: Yes, and this will freak him out SO very much at this point, also.
VIOLENCE: You certainly can. He's kind of a fragile human, though.
DEBATE: Definitely. If it's something he really cares about, it might get heated. >.>
OTHER / NOTES: Any other notes about what you would prefer to happen or prefer to avoid with your character, or a link to your own individual permissions page concerning your character's abilities.