voluntaryapnea: easystreet ((Lydia) kissing)
Stiles Stilinski ([personal profile] voluntaryapnea) wrote2014-12-14 06:48 pm

Wish List

Lydia. A cabinet full of art supplies -- everything from sketch pads and pencils to all varieties of paints, and various size canvases. This ring. DVDs of some of the new documentaries that have been released since she's been on the Barge. Ice skates. Pictures of her with her grandma when she was little, in nice frames.

Scott. Lacrosse stick with his name engraved on it. A framed picture of his mom and him. A new winter coat -- in blue.

Kira. Glow in the dark nunchuks. Her own lacrosse stick and a uniform with her name on it.

Allison. A new set of throwing knives. A picture of her and Lydia in a frame. And a picture of her mom and dad with her, too.

Bucky. A DVD player and a ton of awesome movies, including Star Wars. A shiny new whistle for basic training sessions. A bunch of decent chocolate bars. A book full of pictures and information about California.

Steve. A fridge stuffed with foods he's never had, already made that just need to be heated up. A red, white and blue comforter for his bed, with matching pillows.

Jean. Some biographies of people she's interested in learning more about. And a couple boxes of really rich chocolates.

Ben. A couple books explaining pop culture in detail. Recipe books. A DVD copy of the Star Wars trilogy.

Vergil. A copy of Lord of the Flies, and The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe. Novelized version of Star Wars.

Dean. A leather bound journal. An MP3 player loaded with a lot of classic rock. A new leather jacket. A small diecast version of his impala from home.

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